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Rodman New Boat Models

Rodman Muse 44 cruisingSince 1974, Rodman boats have focused their efforts on offering their customers a genuine and unique sailing experience. Rodman yachts combine design and performance in boat building that provides owners with maximum safety conditions, solid seamanship, and pleasurable sailing. Today, Rodman boats offers three different boat ranges encompassing their Rodman Fisher & Cruiser, Rodman Yacht and Rodman Muse. No matter whether you want to go fishing or cruising Rodman boats have a model that will suit.

The Rodman Group presents the most diversified and versatile product offering in the industry, becoming the intangible asset where its true know-how resides. High quality standards, maximum safety and the best navigability, those are the attributes of the Rodman brand.

Our Values

High standards of quality, design, maximum safety and seaworthiness are the best attributes of the Rodman brand.