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Price and Sell your Boat or Yacht Quickly with our Fixed Price Brokerage service

How much is my boat worth? – How do I get a value to sell my boat? – What will it cost me to sell my boat? – How quick will my boat sell? – Can I get a fixed selling price? These are just some of the questions we can answer for you


Sell my boat quickly:  With a wide range of boats for sale on our many websites people naturally come to us for choice and as a result we are more likely to have a client for your boat, we also use multiple websites to advertise so your boat so it will be seen UK and Worldwide.

Fixed Price Brokerage: This works well as a cost control and means that the sales process is simpler, therefore easier understood and you know your costs upfront from day 1.

How much is my boat worth?: Ultimately the final advertised price is up to you but with our experience and specialist tools we can advise you of how to get the best value for your boat.


Do you know about our Fixed Price Brokerage service

    • Are you looking to sell your boat ?How much is my boat worth ???????
    • Would you like a realistic valuation ?
    • Would you like us to talk you through how to go about it with no obligation?
    • Just some of the questions about selling a boat
    • It does not matter if you’re ready now or if you would like to sell later in the season we can advise you of a likely value your boat will achieve.


If you are thinking of selling your boat, regardless of the brand or specification, please consider our cost effective Fixed Price Brokerage service – boats even bought for cash.




Do you know about our Fixed Price Brokerage service

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