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Sail into the sunset with Fixed Price Brokerage

Fixed Price Brokerage | NO SALE – NO FEE / NO cancellation fees – NO up-front payments


Have you ever asked the question:  How do I sell my boat?  How do I find a cheap low cost fees?    What is a ‘Fixed Price Brokerage service?’    How do I reduced my selling charges?   What are low cost Brokerage fees?


This is why Precious Marine is the 1st and only broker offering this no catches service, with a NO SALE – NO FEE / NO cancellation fees & NO up-front payments service, it also means that you know your selling costs from Day 1


Fixed Price Brokerage is the Most Cost Effective Way To Sell Your Boat

The commission or selling fee is a very large lump sum out of the final sale price of your pride and joy. Most brokers charge a final selling fee of between 5% and 8% plus VAT or higher in some cases.

Example: Even if a special deal on a very high value vessel a deal agreed at 4% this would still represent a fee of £5000 plus VAT on a £125,000 boat.

Our fixed price brokerage service offers means that you get same top quality UK & International brokerage and sales service that would normally be charged at a much higher percentage regardless of the top end value*

How does It Work?

  • Valuation Advice
  • Visit Boat and advise on presentation
  • High quality photography
  • International & UK market leading dedicated multiple  internet marine search engines
  • Professional adverts (click here for an example)
  • Conduct viewings on your behalf
  • Negotiation
  • Sale and Purchase contract
  • Issue Bill of Sale
  • Check title paperwork
  • Manage financial transaction via our Barclays Client Account
  • NO SALE – NO FEE / NO cancellation fees – NO upfront payments
  • Not more than £2,000 plus vat regardless of your boats top value

*The full fixed fee scheme applies to vessels within a reasonable travel area of any of our offices or our local brokers


Fixed Rate brokerage fee for craft selling under £15,000 of £800+VAT /  under £99,000 is just £1500+VAT to a maximum of *£2,000 for boats of £100,000 and above

(the average cost for a boat selling between £35,000 and £99,000 is £1500+VAT)


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For International Clients we offer the same Fixed Rate commission with NO up-front payments

Using exactly the same high rated advertising, with the only difference being that you supply the photos and attend any viewings from the qualified leads passed direct to you. This flexible option also works well for vessels situated anywhere in the UK. See our Local Brokers list or call +44 (0)1473 780286.

Fixed Rate brokerage fee for craft under £15,000 of £800+VAT /  under £99,000 is just £1500+VAT to a maximum of £2,000 for boats of £100,000 plus


We have both £ Sterling and € Euro accounts to make the transactions between sellers and buyers a smooth process


Link to Boats Urgently Wanted >>> Boats Wanted


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