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Why Choose EWOL

EWOL sailboat propellers are made of high strength stainless steel alloys that represent the most advanced technology in terms of resistance to galvanic corrosion, the feathering props we manufacture are the expression of the most sophisticated technical solutions on the market.


The components of the E3 are made of stainless steel alloys type superduplex, these materials had been developed specifically in order to perform in the most difficult conditions at deep waters on off-shore oil platforms.
These advanced metallurgy alloys are quite expensive but offer definitely superior performance in terms of corrosion resistance and shock resistance compared to the bronze alloys normally used in the manufacturing of marine propellers. Components machining of our sailboat props takes place on machining centers specially equipped to cope with the complexity of the removal of shavings, typical of these special materials.

Other technical solutions equipping EWOL Props – Interchangeable bushings

EWOL propellers are equipped with interchangeable bushings; this solution allows to easily perform the maintenance of the propeller, which is necessary after a few years of operation, in order to restore the initial tolerances without the need for complex recovery jobs or replacement of mechanical parts.

Helical gears

The bevel-helical gears of blades, in addition to ensuring a greater mechanical resistance than the straight gears, provide better positioning accuracy and smoothness of rotation. This feature ensures an immediate and precise positioning of the blades during the various positioning, drastically reducing the shock on the teeth.

Fine pitch setting

EWOL E3 is the only propeller on the market having an ultra-fine pitch adjustment device: the sensitivity adjustment is in fact of ¼ degree, in a range of blades angles going from 14 to 26 degrees. Other propellers on the market have a minimum sensitivity of 2 ° or 2.5 °, which makes them inaccurate in determining the pitch of the propeller and therefore impacting engine’s performance. Fine pitch setting is very important in order to reach the correct operating conditions of the engine which must permit to obtain the best compromise between the installed power and the hydrodynamic characteristics of the boat, thus ensuring a better efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Asymmetric pitch

The pitch adjustment acts solely on the forward avoiding to affect the pitch of the reverse gear which must instead ensure excellent maneuverability and responsiveness of the boat at low number of revolutions.


  • Micrometic pitch setting from outside
  • Strong Maneuverability improvement
  • Higher speed thanks to low drag
  • Built with stainless steel Super-Alloys
  • Titanium blade versions also available
  • Dynamic balancing to eliminate possible vibrations
  • S-Driver version with Flex-Drive shock absorber
  • Interchangeable bearings for long product lifetime
  • Easy installation and pulling (even underwater)
  • 100% Quality Control on all of the propellers
  • Three Year Warranty on manufacturing defects
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