Parts for my boat – New and Used


Do you Need a part for your boat? – Any Boat, Any Part.

We have access to all the major part suppliers, from door locks and door handles to Grommets and general accessories, if it’s available we will get it, if it’s not we should be able to have it made or repaired. 

Older or one off boats can be a real problem to get parts for even some of the new ones cause problems because the manufacturer only carries enough parts for each individual build , if you are struggling because of availability, the manufacturer has gone out of business, or generally just up against it call us +44 (0)1473 780286   

It is impossible to list them all but hatch locks, autopilot drive belts, all rigging, to name but a few the best way is to just ask us on 01473 780286


Specialists in finding all parts but particularly those more difficult to find bits from left handed door handles to specialised locks or deck gear


Just supplied or supplied and fitted.

Cutting in

Start of the job

Legend 36

Tube and motor fitted

work in progress

Stern Thruster

The pictures are from 3 different boats showing some of the work


Both wet and dry hot air systems supplied and fitted


Both standing and running rigging Just supplied or supplied and fitted. Inspections undertaken with a fully documented insurers report.

Call us today on  +44 (0)1473 780286 or email